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In the course of the different types of constructions, lots of expectations and client demands may arise against the safeguarding company. However, every construction company has two main objectives during the implementation of the project, which it expects from the company providing security services under all circumstances. The two fundamental and most important tasks are the following:

  • continuous supervision and security of construction materials, machinery and equipment in the construction area;
  • to ensure the physical integrity of the professionals and workers involved in the construction work by a strict supervision of compliance with all work health & safety and accident prevention regulations.

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Besides that, a number of tasks arise that our security guards have to master smoothly and by using their experience. Such tasks include:




  • Requiring strict adherence to the time intervals set by the construction management to perform noisy and less noisy work processes. Its primary goal is to avoid the various regulatory proceedings initiated by the surrounding residents and, as a consequence, the imposition of penalties due to the excessive noise level of work.
  • A prominently important task is to register the persons and motor vehicles entering and leaving the construction area, the continuous tracking of movements (in case of a proxy card system) and the checking of way bills and cargo.
  • Another prioritized task is the management, registration and documentation of the security stickers and seals used for distinguishing and storing the assets of the contractors working on the site.
  • Our employees pay particular attention to the cleanliness of the construction area, the cleaning after the daily work is completed, and that the rules governing the conduct of certain activities in designated areas (smoking, eating, etc.) are observed.
  • It is often needed that our staff help the lorries arriving at the construction site or leaving it by temporarily controlling or closing the traffic.


All in all, securing a construction site is a complex task in the course of which our employees make sure that your valuables are protected, the work is undisturbed and all requirements and rules are complied with.





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