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The fundamental elements of our security activities in industrial areas are safety audits and  risk management. In order to ensure that security criteria are met in all industrial areas, we overview the pillars of corporate security in the course of an audit. We implement our security process systems operating during our work by employing smart and innovative solutions.

What we offer:

The goal of our security services is that the traffic of goods and persons, which is necessary to operate the production unit, runs smoothly, in utmost security, in a virtually “undetectable” manner.

To this end, our security guards receive continuous training. Our company provides them with the most advanced control and communication devices (e.g. smart phones).

Our specialized leaders constantly receive “online” reports from their colleagues working in the field, so that they can react and take the necessary measures immediately and effectively.

In case of special plants and facilities, our regional leaders consult with you personally to ensure that the security service can support the industrial work processes and the efficiency and quality of production in the most effective way.

Our security processes are in compliance with:

  • the laws, standards and methodological recommendations,  
  • the instructions provided by the official inspectorates,
  • and our obligations undertaken in the contract.




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