Commercial safeguarding

The key element and main objective of our commercial safeguarding services is to minimize inventory shortage to the lowest level possible. Hungarian commercial stores and shops incur inventory shortages of the order of hundreds of millions, sometimes billions a year and this is true for the western EU countries as well.

Our tasks:

  • reducing or stopping any corrupt practices of employees, customers and suppliers;
  • protection of the client’s valuables;
  • prevention of theft and vandalism;
  • investigation of damages.

Types of commercial units that we safeguard:

  • shops;
  • stores;
  • hypermarkets;
  • shopping centers;
  • logistics bases.

Despite the improvements in the figures and the positive trends, it can be said that “in trade, everything that is movable will be stolen”. According to police statistics, only two percent of all theft crimes reported to the police by shop managers is solved. This means that every year, tens of millions of theft cases remain unsolved or are not detected at all. In food retail trade, the most frequently stolen articles are small sized but high-value goods such as razor blades, spirits, cosmetics and tobacco.

According to trade experts, in all sectors, 53 percent of inventory shortages incur due to thefts committed by customers. An additional 21 percent is the proportion of crimes committed by the companies’ employees. For the rest, the suppliers, service providers and the deficiencies in the organization are attributable.

Since the extent of inventory shortage is just one per cent of the turnover – or even less –, in many companies the question arises whether it is worth to invest in prevention, staff education and security technology. Is it possible that the many checks and IT investments cost more than the losses incurred because of the thefts?

According to experts, if less investments were made in the security and monitoring systems, thieves would take advantage thereof immediately. This is proven by the fact that even today, a large number of articles is not sold by self-service, on freely accessible shelves.

The most important thing is that the commissioned security company can take over the provision of security tasks with a full inventory; it needs to be enabled to perform the safety audit on the given commercial unit; and its employees must be involved in the entire trading process in person (delivery, unloading, storage, transportation to the shops, sales, handling of returned goods, scrapping and periodic inventory) and they must have all necessary access privileges.

Another essential element is the implementation of the proper equipment and the modernization of the existing ones, in which our company is the right partner – we are ready to design and implement your security technology system.

Our goal is to reduce the inventory shortage to a really “negligible” extent in your shop and your business.

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