Logistics safeguarding

Within the framework of modern logistics safeguarding, our company offers you the technical and manned safeguarding of the given area or facility as well as the outworkers necessary for performing the logistic tasks. This includes, on the one hand, that we control the area, and secure and organize the incoming and outgoing traffic. On the other hand, we organize and coordinate the availability of the professional (primarily hourly-paid) outworkers – trained for our Client’s activities – on a regular basis, as well as the proper performance of the activities performed by semi-skilled staff, and we also organize their substitution. We can keep up with immediate workforce needs and changes, and arrange for the staff needed for continuous work.

Our activity covers the safeguarding of all types of facilities within the wide spectrum of logistics such as office buildings, warehouses, logistics centers and special deposition facilities.

Our staff pay particular attention to:

  • providing the number of outworkers needed for carrying out the logistics processes;
  • ensuring the property protection of the area, controlling the daily traffic of passengers and vehicles;
  • controlling and coordinating the production, logistics and supportive processes;
  • elaborating the facility’s Safeguarding Regulation and the related documentation and registration system;
  • the continuous education of the employees serving at the facility;
  • staff selection;

Our highly trained security guards carry out professionally:

  • registration and entering the Client’s partners and guests into the facility, escorting them in the building and providing information to them, also in foreign languages;
  • filtering out unauthorized persons and preventing their entry into the premises;
  • operation of the building’s management and engineering systems;
  • management and registration of the keys and access cards used in the facilities, monitoring of public utility systems.


Based on the Client’s needs, our logistics staff:

  • are readily available in the required number;
  • are able to reliably and accurately meet the required standards;
  • have good references and adequate security guarantees.



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