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Securing financial instituions with manned security guarding requires is one of the jobs that requires the most of professionalism in coordination from our managers and the highest care, and perfect job from our security guards.

Guarding bank branches means securing them by bullet firearms, and thereby guaranteeing the physical integrity of customers and branch employees, along with guaranteeing undisturbed financial operations and transactions, as well as the security of the funds and cash substitutes held within the bank.

During the guarding of financial institutions, our employees are expected to adhere to the basic rules of professional conduct.

They shall take special care for:

  • their physical position in the bank branch,
  • keeping a constant eye on the entrance and ensuring that they have a line of sight to it in all circumstances,
  • adhering to the preventive security measures.

In the course of this, they must take special attention to the persons entering the branch, their baggage, their actions and their possible intentions. They shall monitor the traffic in the area, with special regard to any unusual events that deviate from the daily routine.

In the event of an attack, the primary consideration is the protection of the lives and physical integrity of the persons in the branch, the mitigation of panic and fear reactions, and a cooperative behavior that suits both the given situation and the intent of the assailant(s).

The security guard, of course, is obliged to do his/her best in order to fend off the attack and to notify the law enforcement bodies, but in all his acts and measures he/she is required to take into account as a primary consideration the protection of the life and physical integrity of the persons in the building.

Therefore, our company provides the manned guarding of the institutions in the financial services sector by employees who are assessed by professionals and have the necessary psychic and mental abilities, and who can manage any emergency and threat situations due to their adequate practice and experience.


What we offer:


Our liability insurance policy with Generali-Providencia Insurance Ltd. covers our services:

for the transportation of valuables HUF 50 million / damage
for money transports HUF 25 million / damage
for the escort of money and valuables HUF 50 million / damage
for guarding of money and valuables HUF 25 million / damage

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