Event management

In an event, there is nothing more important than carefree fun. It can be said that it is also the organizer’s biggest wish.

To assist event organizers and the operators of facilities, we undertake:

  • • to provide a qualified and well prepared security personnel for the duration of the event, in a number that fits the specific characteristics and capacity of the venue;
  • to draw up the security plan necessary for obtaining the permission required for holding the event;
  • a to draw up fire safety regulations and fire alarm plans (if mandatory by law)
  • to procure complementary security devices relating to the safety rules (e.g. entry cards, wristbands, etc.);
  • to implement or temporarily provide security systems that improve security level (e.g. visual surveillance systems, access control systems, fire alarm systems);
  • to educate, regularly review and document the security plan and the related documents, to prepare change notifications, and (within the framework of a commission) to submit them;
  • to contribute in the elaboration of other safety standards for services related to music or dance events.


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