Alarm systems for apartments, houses and holiday homes

The alarm system is required for signaling in case of intrusion.

Although the alarm system alone cannot prevent a burglary, it can greatly reduce its chances. An alarm system may also be useful for prevention, but if the burglary happens, the activated alarm sound immediately disrupts the perpetrator.

What we offer to you:

  • designing of alarm systems;
  • installing alarm systems;
  • their maintenance;
  • installation of mechanical accessories which greatly increase the security of the real property.

For your safety and to secure your property, choose our remote surveillance service, which sends an immediate notification to our center on the intrusion in case of a burglary. The remote surveillance service is most efficient if combined with a field service. Then the patrol, arriving on the scene within a few minutes after the alarm, can prevent or terminate the commission of the crime.

The main units of the security system (alarm system) are:

  • sensor unit (at least one);
  • alarm center;
  • signaling unit(s).

Operation of the security system

The sensor and signaling units are the most important components of a security system. An essential part for the operation of the system is the power unit, and also a connection between the individual units (signal transmission system) needs to be established. The sensors detect any physical changes in the monitored area and transmit the data to the alarm center immediately. The center receives the signals, evaluates them and initiates the alarm.


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